#JOURNAL : Farewell GM Dinner

Yesterday, we were having our farewell GM dinner for our batch. Its gathering all of us for last time (actually there’re people who not able to come). The dinner was great although at first we were having some problems to make it real. Huhuhu.. Its doesn’t matter now because finally we make it with success!!! Each of the friends helped a lot and contribute in order to produce the successful dinner. What’s great about the dinner was, the concept or theme. Arabic theme was chosen to become our theme of the night. So all of us will wear arabic outfits. So cute and cool. Our indian friends also stand out wearings jubah and made them looks like arabic people.
There were not much activities at night, just lucky draw, some dressing awards and slideshow of pictures. However, the activities is doesn’t matter, the important things is the time that we spent together with our beloved batch. Yeah, it was fun and great and i got a good feelings surrounding our friends. Gonna miss them when we apart soon.

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