#DESIGNER : Junior Designer@Lorak

Hi guys!

After i graduated from my university, i was looking for job. I applied my resume for many companies with hope one of them will take me as employer. On November 2017, Alhamdulillah, i being offered a position as junior graphics designer at small company named Lorak Sticker. I having great time there and also meet some new people as my colleagues. The best things were i learnt to improve my skills, dealing with customer and gained more knowledge about printing industry. I worked there around 4 months before i quit. Can i say that working there was tough because dealing with customers ain't easy and also got to work under pressure (rush to meet dateline).

So below are my portfolio during my days at Lorak Sticker.
(im showing some of my work)



Name/Business Card


I also did create some logo, scarf tag and other stuff like wedding card packages. But i apologise because i could not able to show it here. I am sure you did enjoyed seeing my artwork that already placed.

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